Announcing: Easily share your insurance details with Marble

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Announcing: Easily share your insurance details with Marble

Stuart back again, with a feature I’m very excited to share (ha ha) with you! (That joke will make more sense in just a second). 

Before getting into the details of our latest launch, I wanted to pull the curtain back a bit on how we think about planning here at Marble. 

In a given quarter, we typically prioritize and make trade offs between three general feature sets: Stuff that makes Marble more useful for members, things that make it more rewarding for members, and features that will generate more revenue (so we can keep building Marble for our members!). 

Each category is equally important, and Marble will only succeed as long as we keep all three in balance. And I hope that balance has come across to our members this year, with launches like our mobile app, our new shopping marketplace, and our exclusive in-app Marble Monday offers. 

This quarter we knew we wanted to make a big investment again in that first group — “stuff that makes Marble more useful” — which is why we’re here today, announcing one of our most requested features: shared Marble account access. 

How does Marble’s Shared Access work? 

With our new Shared Access functionality, it only takes a few clicks in your Marble account to securely share policy information. 

  • When you’re in your Marble account, on web or mobile, simply tap the share icon next to the policy you would like to share.
  • Next, you’ll see a screen that shows you the authorized users on that policy. 
  • From there, just enter the email address of the person you want to share the policy with and hit “Send invitation.” 
  • You can always manage and revoke access later by revisiting the policy and clicking the share icon again.

When should you use Marble’s Shared Access? 

There are a lot of reasons that you might want to share your insurance information! That’s why it’s been our most requested feature since we launched Marble. 

Share Insurance Details with Family

As an example, let’s say your partner or spouse needs to share proof-of-pet-insurance when taking Churro (our top pet name of 2021) to the vet. Three taps and all those key details, like coverage, policy number, and provider, are instantly accessible on their phone. 

Share Insurance Details with Trusted Partners

Maybe you have a financial advisor, or even an insurance broker, and they want to know what sort of policies and coverage you have today. In just a few seconds, they’ll have those key policy details. And if you work with someone else a few months later, no problem! Just tap to revoke access (if needed) and then share again. 

Share Insurance Details in an Accident

It’s not a scenario any of us like to think about, but it happens: if you find yourself in a car accident, for example, you’ll end up needing to swap insurance information with anyone else involved. It’s a stressful enough situation, but fortunately finding and sharing your car insurance details with Marble is easy and done in just a few seconds.   

Get Shared Access with Marble 

This is the first time a feature like this has ever been launched for insurance, and we’re so thrilled that now, our members will have even more control over their insurance. 

To start sharing your policy details with no stress, just create your Marble account (it’s free!) and add your first policy in just minutes. From there, you can share your policy information in a few taps of a button, and even start earning rewards just for having insurance.