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15% of your users’ household budget goes towards insurance costs. Help them put insurance management, coverage, and savings on autopilot — all while creating new opportunities for your business.

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Who We Work With

We partner with all different types of companies to protect policyholders — whether they’re your users, employees, or contractors.

Home & Auto-Related Services

Deepen customer relationships and open up new revenue channels, whether you are a lender, dealer, property manager, or other home or auto service provider.

Banks, Credit Unions, & Digital Advisors

Expand share of wallet, generate additional revenue, and gather the data you need to power cross-sales by leveraging an asset that 92% of American households have - insurance.

Financial Wellness & PFM Platforms

Deliver 360-degree wellness. Empower your users to manage and optimize their protection, in addition to finding savings on a major household expense.

Benefits Administrators, Brokers, & PEOs

Give your clients another delightful way to engage and retain. Help employees save money while also protecting their loved ones from the unexpected.

Insurance Carriers and Brokers

Activate and engage your auto insurance policyholders, or life insurance policyholders, or any-sort-of-type of insurance holders. Expand your capabilities and create new delightful touchpoints with Marble.


Platform Benefits

Start Selling Insurance Today

Forget the hassle of licenses, carrier appointments, and major up-front investment. Instantly deliver the best insurance experience that puts money back into your users’ pockets — while also creating a profit center for your business.

Capture & Understand

Your users gain a centralized destination to manage their insurance, while their documents and data can help power your business.

What users get:

  • Policies linked securely in seconds

  • Coverages, deductibles, documents, and ID cards all in a single place

  • No more digging through excel spreadsheets or filing cabinets

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Delight & Retain

Build trust and affinity with your users by delivering effortless savings, straightforward utility, and total protection.

What users get:

  • Savings opportunities delivered without lifting a finger

  • Personalized coverage recommendations that fit their situation

  • Fully digital quoting capabilities, with the option to speak with a Marble agent always available

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Activate & Engage

Incentivize users to prioritize risk management on a regular basis by leveraging high-impact, low-effort touchpoints.

What users get:

  • The first “frequent flyer” program for insurance

  • Monthly opportunities to engage and earn rewards

  • Access to a deep library of insurance content and tips

Cover & Monetize

Deliver best-in-class products to users while driving additional revenue to your business.

Feature points:

  • Coverage across all 50 states + DC, including home, auto, renters, pet, life, small business, and more

  • Exclusive discounts and access to protection-related products and services

  • Drive revenue for your business while saving your users money on their insurance

Our Partners

"Great App for keeping insurance info altogether...very easy to use…I also like that they send you notice months in advance when your policy is going to be up and tell you what measures to take"

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Dee, 31, California

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