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How Marble makes your life easier

Marble consolidates, monitors, and optimizes your insurance policies, saving you time and money

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Know You’re Getting The Best Value

No one likes overpaying. Our technology actively and automatically looks for ways to save you money — without compromising on the coverage you want.

Quickly Compare Your Renewal Options

We do the heavy lifting to scour the market and collect quotes from multiple providers — making it easy for you to decide whether to renew or switch companies.

Everything You Need In One Place

Organize and manage all your policies on your Marble dashboard, add them to your Apple wallet, share access with others, and more — all from one digital hub.

We prioritize your security, employing industry-leading encryption methods and rigorous data protection protocols to ensure your personal information stays secure and confidential.

"Marble is a unique, valuable, relevant, and rewarding app that you should definitely check out. Not only are all your insurance policies organized in one place, but reminders for each one are sent to you well in advance of renewal dates. Opportunities for rate comparisons can easily save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Definitely worth your valuable time to download and explore."

Mark F, 31, California

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