Announcing: Shop and save on insurance with the Marble Marketplace

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At Marble, we're committed to guiding you towards better insurance choices. While our editorial content adheres to strict standards, we do occasionally mention products from partner companies. Find out how we keep the lights on.

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Announcing: Shop and save on insurance with the Marble Marketplace

Summer is here and the Marble team is hard at work on new features, alongside improvements to existing ones. Over the last few months, we’ve launched and tweaked our mobile app, embedded Marble Monday partner offers right within the app, added new rewards redemption options (crypto!!), and made a lot of “behind the scenes” infrastructure and security upgrades. 

Today, though, I’m very excited to share one of our biggest updates yet: the Marble shopping marketplace. With the launch of the Marble shopping marketplace, we’re making it super easy for Marble members to shop and save on insurance right from their account. 

So what’s the Marble marketplace, and what makes it different from other insurance shopping experiences? 

It’s your one-stop-shop for insurance (and more). Over the last few months, our incredible product and engineering team have built dozens of integrations to insurance companies, big and small, so our members can shop quotes right from their Marble account. And we’ll be adding more every month! 

That means that if you want to shop for any type of insurance, from (mostly) any brand, you can start that journey with Marble. 

And that’s just the beginning. We want Marble to be the best and most useful way to protect everything you love, so we’re making sure our shopping marketplace is full of handy tools. 

With that in mind, here are some other features you’ll see in the Marble Marketplace, now or very soon: 

  • When you shop with the Marble shopping marketplace, you can start and save quotes for whatever it is that you want to insure. Think of it like a “shopping cart” for insurance shopping. Instead of keeping a million tabs open, we'll help you out by saving your quotes — so you can come back on your time. 
  • We get it: shopping for insurance is sorta boring. We also think too many insurance shopping sites pressure you to buy “now now now.” We’re more interested in “now, later, or whenever works for you.” That’s why we built a way for you to set custom reminders to shop for insurance on your schedule. 
  • If you’re an active Marble member, you probably have a couple of insurance policies synced already. Because you already have that information saved to your Marble account, we make it easy to quickly copy-and-paste or prefill the data needed to get a quote – so you don’t have to look everything up over and over again. Time is money, and we want you to save both! 
  • Not sure how your quotes stack up to what you have today? Let’s find out! Save the quotes you receive and we’ll instantly compare the coverages and price to the insurance you have today. And coming soon, we’ll also compare your quotes to anonymous benchmarks from tens of thousands of other Marble members like you. 
  • Spam is annoying! And you don’t have to take it! At least if we can help it. Very soon, Marble members will get access to a custom Marble inbox. You’ll have an email address you can use as you shop for quotes, which we’ll use to filter out spam. We’ll help you track quotes (and only quotes!) and make it easy to nuke spam out of your life. 

We’ve got a lot more cooking, and we’re so excited to keep building Marble for our members first. And what does that look like? In the past, when it comes to sharing big new launches or upgrades, I’ve referenced our high-level roadmap — so humor me while I do that again here. Our aim at Marble is to address five key areas: 

  1. Help our members organize their insurance in one digital account (43% of Americans report that they still keep their insurance info in PDF form or paper printouts) 
  2. Push rewards to Marble members for not only being engaged with their insurance and risk, but also for helping us build a truly collaborative community 
  3. Make it easy for Marble members to save by easily shopping for new rates right from their Marble account (which we’re doing now, through the new Marble shopping marketplace!)
  4. Build a community of engaged Marble members who can help each other navigate insurance using modern tools and high-quality, verified data
  5. Allow our members to route all of their premium payments through one secure account, providing a predictable and smooth experience for every insurance expense 

Insurance can feel hard to navigate, given how much information and data you often need to sift through. But it’s also one of the best and most dependable ways to protect what and who you love. Our mission, guided by these 5 key objectives, is to keep building features that make it simple and rewarding to get the most out of your insurance. 

We’re here to help you get back in control of your insurance, and do it with policies that provide you with the best coverage and rates for your needs.