Marble Monday is a new way for our members to earn rewards

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Marble Monday is a new way for our members to earn rewards

Hello! Hi! Stuart here with another announcement for the Marble members of today and tomorrow. 

A month ago or so, when announcing some major updates to Insurance Insider (more coming on that soon), I briefly outlined the 5 major themes that guide our roadmap. And because I’m a big believer in repetition, I want to briefly share those points with you all again. 

Our roadmap, at a high level, has always covered five big themes:
  1. Help our members organize their insurance in one digital account (43% of Americans report that they still keep their insurance info in PDF form or paper printouts) 
  2. Push rewards to Marble members for not only being engaged with their insurance and risk, but also for helping us build a truly collaborative community 
  3. Make it easy for Marble members to save by easily shopping for new rates right from their Marble account
  4. Build a community of engaged Marble members who can help each other navigate insurance using modern tools and high-quality, verified data
  5. Allow our members to route all of their premium payments through one secure account, providing a predictable and smooth experience for every insurance expense

With these points refreshed, I’m super excited to announce a new, major launch in support of goal number 2: The start of Marble Mondays. 

What are Marble Mondays?

Marble Mondays are a totally new way for Marble members to earn rewards and perks from Marble and our amazing partners! It’s also our first step into the broader world of things that are very related-to, but are not exactly, insurance. 

 Here is how Marble Mondays works:

  • Every other Monday, we’ll send Marble Members (not a member yet? Join us — it’s free!) an email with that week’s reward offering.
  • Rewards may come from an exclusive or innovative partner company, or directly from us here at Marble. 
  • Your Marble Monday email will describe an action, and when you take the action described in the email before the end of the week (Friday), you’ll be credited with that week’s reward.
  • Rewards will change with every Marble Monday.
  • Some weeks, rewards could be extra Marbles in your wallet and in other weeks, rewards could be access to a premium product or a gift card from one of our partners — the sky’s the limit, really!

That’s it! It’s simple, it’s rewarding, and most importantly, we hope it will make your life easier! That’s the whole point of the community we are building here at Marble. So Marble Members, keep an eye on your inbox! 

And if you’re not a member, the best way to take advantage of Marble Monday is to create your Marble account today and add your first policy (if you haven’t already!).

And finally: if you’re a brand that’s interested in partnering with us and being featured in an upcoming Marble Monday, we’d love to hear from you! Just take a quick spin through this form, and a member of the Marble team will get back to you ASAP.