Announcing 2023’s Best Pet Name (According To Marble Members)

Twelve pets were nominated. One pet won the distinction of having the best name of any animal insured by a Marble member in 2023.

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Announcing 2023’s Best Pet Name (According To Marble Members)Announcing 2023’s Best Pet Name (according to Marble Members)

Hello January! We can’t believe you’re here again. The dark days of Capricorn season have arrived once again. Time to embrace hygge, hot chocolate, and cozy blankets. To spread a little more cheer, we are pleased to announce that it is time for our annual award for the highly coveted prize known as the “Top Names-of-Pets-Insured-by-Marble-Members.” We established this award to honor man’s best friend — be that a goldendoodle, cockapoo, or tabby cat. 

But first: a note on how we got our final results, since Marble is all about transparency. After diligently reading through every single pet policy added to Marble in 2023, we then compiled our 12 favorite names. As you can imagine, the debates around the water cooler were heated! Once finalized, we opened the vote to all Marble members (who could vote for as many names as they wanted) throughout the month of December. The outcomes were counted, verified, and secured in a vault to await their unveiling. 

Drum roll please!

2023’s Top Name-of-Pet-Insured-by-Marble-Member


Year after year, the people speak, and year after year, they choose an animal named after a food. Because, of course, how cute is that?! 2023 was no exception: We are thrilled to pass the crown to Biscuit the corgi, who we imagine is the most buttery delight! 

Biscuit was in good company this year. The runner ups, in order, were:

  • Yoda
  • Bambam
  • Bubba
  • Sausage

While Marble team members thought that it would be funny to nominate a pet named Stuart (no relation to Marble CEO Stuart Winchester) for the top prize, we are sorry to say that Stuart the chihuahua got the lowest number of votes this year. Better luck next year, Stuart! 

Meet The Past Winners

If you're curious about the names of the pets who won this award in the past, look no further:

Thanks to all the Pets-Insured-by-Marble-Members for being exceedingly cute and bringing us joy in 2023! We’ll see you all back here next January 2025, when we are lucky enough to celebrate another winner.