Announcing 2022’s Best Pet Name (According To Marble Members)

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Announcing 2022’s Best Pet Name (According To Marble Members)

Welcome to 2023! To bring a little joy to the dark, cold days of January, and before we have to turn to more serious things (taxes are approaching, and as of writing, there is still no Speaker of the House), we want to celebrate the results of our second annual award for the Top Names-of-Pets-Insured-by-Marble-Members. We established this award last year to celebrate man’s best friend — and because some of these names are just too darn cute not to share!

Before unveiling the results, we want to tell you how we got them — since Marble is all about transparency. We looked at all the pet policies that were added to Marble in 2022 and then put together a list of our 20 favorite names. (Full disclosure: the Marble team unscientifically nominated the top 20 names for inclusion, and wow did it get contentious!) We then opened up the vote to all Marble members (who could vote for as many names as they wanted), and we kept the survey open for the entire month of December. Results were tallied, double checked, and certified — and there were zero accusations of voter fraud. 

So now, back to what we’ve all been waiting for: the results!

2022’s Top Name-of-Pet-Insured-by-Marble-Member

Congratulations to our winner, Porkchop!

Who wouldn’t love Porkchop, the 12-year-old English Bulldog who — when not sunbathing — is romping around outside? We think the name Porkchop fits this guy perfectly! C’mon: look at that face!

And of course, a tip of the hat to our top runner ups:

  • Cheeto
  • Bean
  • Tipsy
  • Mr. Magoo

Turns out, people love an animal named after a food, and we don’t disagree (though we’ve got to give a shoutout to Luigi, a chihuahua with a brother named Mario, who was a strong contender and personal favorite). 

Thanks to all the Pets-Insured-by-Marble-Members for being exceedingly cute and making us smile in 2022! We’ll see you all back here in December 2023, when we get to honor a new batch of pets.