Frequently asked questions

Team Marble
December 21, 2020
What is Marble?
  • Marble is a universal digital insurance account that makes it easy to organize your insurance policies and earn rewards. Members can manage, pay, and earn up to 5% back on their existing insurance policies.
  • Today, we’re still in a limited early release, but we’re adding more members every month. We’ve been happy to see a lot of early interest and our waitlist is growing daily, so if you’re interested, secure your spot on the waitlist by requesting a membership today. We can’t wait for you to join Marble! 
Who powers Marble?
  • We are a team of technology and insurance experts who are excited to radically improve the way you deal with your insurance. We’ve built, managed, and scaled some exciting ventures over the last few years, particularly in financial services and insurance, but none of them had the same potential as Marble. Want to get in touch? We’d love to hear from you. 
I got my early access invite but I’m having trouble logging in.
I want to join, but there’s still a waitlist. What do I do? 
  • That’s great! We also want you to join! First things first, head on over here and make sure you’re on our waitlist. It’s growing pretty quickly (more quickly than we really expected) so we want to make sure your request is saved as soon as possible. Once we have your request for membership, we’ll keep you up to date as we accept new members from the waitlist and activate their accounts. We’re moving as quickly as we can while still making sure that each member has an exceptional experience with Marble.
Is Marble an insurance company?
  • We are not and we do not sell our own insurance or underwrite any risk. We are a loyalty and payments platform that may, at our members’ request and on their terms, connect them with insurance companies. Our mission is to rebuild the relationship between you and your insurer and we do this by establishing a membership-based ecosystem that puts customers at the center. 
What security protocols are taken to ensure my account is safe? 

We take security very seriously. Some of our current commitments include: 

  • SSL encryption - Our website and app are both secured with 256-bit encryption.
  • Account safeguards - Your account is safeguarded with two-factor authentication, automatic logouts, and ID verification for password lockouts.
  • Bank-level security - We ensure 24/7 server defense and privacy that is verified by physical security.
  • Incognito - Your information is never shared with third parties without your clear consent.
  • Compliance - We work closely with regulatory entities to ensure that Marble operates in compliance with all existing laws governing insurers and their customers.
How does Marble make money? 
  • You’ve seen the TV commercials, heard the radio and podcast ads, and seen the thousands of digital ads for insurance companies, right? It’s a safe bet, given the billions of dollars that insurance companies spend on marketing every year (actual billions).
  • Marble moves some of the money that would have been spent in that wasteful insurance marketing ecosystem back to our members. We are paid by insurance companies and other businesses because we have the best solution to long-standing industry problems and we then pass some of that directly back to our members. 
What are these marbles I can get for organizing my insurance policies?
  • If you want to save on your insurance bill, these little marbles will help you do just that. Marbles can be redeemed against your insurance bill and are super simple to earn. For example, you’ll get marbles for adding one policy per auto, home/renters, and pet insurance. Additionally, you can earn marbles for each friend (up to 6 friends) you invite that joins and adds an existing insurance policy to their wallet. There are dozens of ways to earn marbles!
I love being a Marble member! Do you have a referral program?
  • We do! And we’re so appreciative of you spreading the Marble love! You can find your unique link on your "Balance" page. If you refer a friend and they sign up and add a policy with your unique link, you’ll earn marbles and they’ll get organized. It’s a win-win!
How do I see how many marbles I have?
  • The number of marbles you have will show up on your account home screen, as well as under the “Balance” page.
I just completed an action to get more marbles. How do I make sure I got credit for it?
  • You can check all of your marble-earning actions under “Your Activity” on your Balance page. If you think you’re missing an action, please email us more information at and we’ll get you situated!
How can I redeem my marbles? 
  • To redeem your marbles, navigate to the Balance page and click Redeem. We’ll give you a one-time use digital card to pay a part of, or all, of your insurance bill. Please note that you need to be a Marble member for 60 days before redeeming your marbles.
What is an insurance Declarations (DEC) Page?
  • A DEC is short form for “Insurance Declaration” page. It’s a document that forms part of your insurance policy and is issued for a new insurance policy and for each renewal term. Check out these DEC examples from the Office of Public Insurance Counsel.
What insurance companies does Marble support?
  • Our MVP is closed to new members for the next few months, but check back to see our full list of carrier support.
How can I find out more information about an insurance company?   
  • We created a nifty tool called Insurance Insider to bring a little more transparency to the murky insurance industry. Insurance Insider tells you how your current carrier stacks up against others, and is also helpful if you’re shopping around for a new policy. Log in to your Marble account and navigate to Insurance Insider to check it out. We're updating it constantly with new data and insights!
Do you have an app for iOS or Android?
  • Not yet! Today we’re focused on delivering a great web experience, but we have iOS and Android applications on our roadmap. 
It would be so cool if Marble could also…
  • Hold that thought! Is there a feature that you think would make Marble even better? Do you have an idea that would make Marble even more delightful to use? Email it to Stuart, our CEO, at
How do I link my insurance policies?
  • There are 2 ways to link your insurance policies to your digital wallet:
  1. The preferred way is to link your account by signing into your insurance carrier’s site through Marble. This way is secure and also allows you to have the most updated account information in your digital wallet.
  2. The other way is to upload your declaration page (this just provides your policy details).
I have more questions/feedback. How can I get in touch?
  • We’d love to hear from you! Here are a few ways you can get in touch with the team.
  1. Email us at
  2. Give us feedback by clicking on your avatar/initials on the top right of the navigation bar and scrolling to “Give us feedback"
What are you listening to these days?
  • Thanks for asking. It’s been a busy few months — and for a whole lot of reasons, a stressful few months — so while we’ve been WoMfH (working on Marble from home) and not on Zoom, you can probably find us listening to something or other. Here are some highlights.
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