What is a Declarations Page for Insurance?

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What is a Declarations Page for Insurance?Marble logo

What is a declarations (DEC) page?

A declarations (or "DEC") page is a key component of your insurance policy that summarizes your coverage and provides the most important associated information about your personal insurance policy. For example, the DEC for your auto policy will include the insured driver’s name(s), excluded drivers, policy number, effective dates of your policy term, vehicle information, and more. 

Just as important as knowing what a DEC is, is knowing what a DEC isn’t. It’s not your insurance ID card (though they contain some of the same information). It’s also not your insurance application, certificate of insurance, policy package, or insurance bill.    

Where can I find my declarations (DEC) page?

Depending on your insurer, it’s not always obvious where to find your DEC. For some of the larger carriers, we put together guides that walk you through the steps you’ll want to take to find your DEC page:

If you don’t see your insurance provider listed above, we still recommend skimming through one or two of the guides to get a general sense of where you might find your DEC. If after that you still need help finding your DEC, email us at support@marblepay.com, and we’d be happy to help.

A final note: some insurers will call their declarations page by another name, like “renewal document” or “endorsement document” — so don’t be surprised if your DEC is labeled differently.  

Why does Marble need a copy of your current DEC page?

When you’re setting up your Marble wallet, you’ll be prompted to upload a copy of your DEC (or, in the case of some carriers, you’ll link your account and our technology will automatically extract your DEC).

The reason that we’re asking for a copy of your DEC is because it contains all the details that we need to fully sync your policy in your Marble wallet. And once it’s synced, you won’t need to go looking around for your coverage info anymore — you’ll find everything in one convenient, easy-to-use digital hub.

If you want to see a history of your insurance in one place, you’re also welcome to send over any expired DECs. Just note that you only earn rewards for actions you take on your current policy. When it comes time for your policy to renew, we’ll prompt you to upload your latest policy — and give you some rewards for doing it! 

Get started by setting up your Marble account today. Or, if you already have an account and are ready to upload your DEC, head straight into your wallet and follow the prompts. Either way, you’ll be earning rewards just for having insurance.