Does car insurance cover slashed tires?

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Does car insurance cover slashed tires?

Q: Someone slashed my tire(s). Are slashed tires covered by car insurance?

Imagine, you’ve just finished up dinner with friends — the plates are empty, the wine is drunk, the bill is paid — and now it’s time to leave. Making your way from the restaurant, you find your car tires slashed. What do you do? How do you determine if your car insurance provider covers slashed tires?

A: Slashed tire coverage depends on your car insurance policy

Determine the Origin of the Damage

The first thing to consider is the why of the crime. Was this a random act of vandalism, the revenge of an angry ex, or the results of a riot that you somehow missed during dinner? Most likely the former, though it’s also possible you rolled over some tire spikes or other nasty debris. As for whether your car insurance provider will pay for the slashed tire damages, that depends on what, or who, ultimately caused the damage, and what kind of car insurance you have.

Review Your Car Insurance Policy & Its Coverage

Unfortunately, the most basic of car insurance policies probably won’t offset your costs. Instead, these policies protect you when you’ve had an accident, but not when some road bully decides to take a knife to your tires. 

Additional coverage, however, in the form of comprehensive and collision insurance, will typically cover slashed tires. Comprehensive coverage offers protection for non-driving accidents, like when said angry ex takes a knife to your tires, while collision insurance takes care of all events that involve running into stationary objects — including any spiky objects you might have driven over. 

Another consideration: if you opted to add roadside assistance to your auto insurance policy, your provider may tow you to a local repair shop — even if the slashed tires themselves aren’t covered. So take a look at the policy in your Marble account, or call your insurer to find out whether they’ll step in to help get you from that restaurant to Al’s Body Shop (or wherever you normally get your car serviced). 

As always, it’s important to read the fine print when you’re taking out new car insurance policies, so you can make sure you’re covered for whatever life may throw at you — and your tires. And to stay organized and on top of your insurance (and earn rewards too!), we also recommend setting up your Marble digital wallet today.