Announcing: Marble members can now shop for commercial insurance with Bold Penguin

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July 24, 2023
Announcing: Marble members can now shop for commercial insurance with Bold PenguinAnnouncing: Marble Members Can Now Shop for Commercial Insurance with Bold Penguin

We’re happy to *officially* announce the launch of our partnership with Bold Penguin — the first partner on the Marble platform offering small business insurance to our members. 

Why Bold Penguin?

We think Bold Penguin, a leading digital solution platform, offers some of the best tools out there for helping Marble members protect their small businesses. Bold Penguin offers access to a range of commercial insurance options, sold by licensed experienced agents who know how to help you get just the right coverage your business needs. 

So how does it work? Once you answer a few quick questions via an online form, Bold Penguin connects you with a dedicated agent who will work directly with you to help you evaluate your options. Navigating the many types of small business insurance can be confusing, which is why working with a licensed commercial insurance agent is a huge benefit.  

One reason why you should pat yourself on the back for protecting your business

Since there are almost as many types of commercial insurance coverage options as there are types of businesses, it can be hard to figure out what protection you might actually need. That’s why it’s helpful to lean on the experts to help you evaluate which kinds of policies will best protect your particular business. 

For instance, general liability, professional liability, and cyber (to name a few!) insurances are usually a safe bet for most business owners. And even if you run your business out of your home, you still may want to consider getting these policies. That’s because your homeowner’s insurance policy likely only covers a small amount for losses related to business materials (often only up to $2,500).

What to know before buying small business insurance

To get a quote from Bold Penguin, you’ll just need to have a few pieces of info on hand. Specifically, you’ll need to provide your name and contact details, as well as some details about your business, like what industry you work in and where it’s located. From there, you’ll be matched with an expert agent that specializes in the type of business and coverage you need.

To get started, click here or log into your Marble account and head to the Marble Marketplace to find Bold Penguin. Either way, an agent will then help you find and customize a plan so that it exactly fits your needs.

And once you’ve completed the process, you can log back into your Marble account and add the Declaration Page to your account under the “Other Insurance Documents” section. That way, you’ll be able to easily access your plan details whenever you need them. 

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