What Is Distracted Driving And How Can You Avoid It?

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What Is Distracted Driving And How Can You Avoid It?April is Distracted Drivers Awareness Month, so here’s everything you need to know about staying safe on the road.

Windows down, foot on the pedal, hitting the road. Life is good. Ping! What’s that, you got a text? Yikes, a squirrel ran into the road, and yes, this song on the radio absolutely stinks — time to find another. Achoo! Gesundheit! 

That’s a lot of action for one person in one car, but it’s easy to see how quickly you can become a distracted driver. According to the CDC, more than 3,000 people were killed and over 400,000 injured in crashes involving a distracted driver in 2019. Around 20% of those killed were not even in vehicles themselves. 

So what exactly constitutes distracted driving? Broadly, distracted driving is doing any activity that takes a driver’s attention away from the road. Distractions fall into three key categories:

  • Visual: taking your eyes off the road
  • Manual: removing your hands from the wheel
  • Cognitive: thinking about anything but driving

Unfortunately, teenagers are especially susceptible, but all drivers can fall victim. Luckily, distracted driving is preventable. The key is to not multitask while driving — which, we know, is easier said than done. 

But if you think about the fact that your life is literally on the line, it makes it easier to skip the phone calls, playlist selection, texts from your bff, dinner planning, and rubbernecking. When you’re the passenger, feel free to take charge of all directions, snacks, and radio needs. 

And since April is Distracted Drivers Awareness Month, we challenge you to avoid temptation and do what Rhianna says: All you gotta do is drive. We’re going to be working to bring attention to this issue throughout the month, but it’s something that should be focused on year-round. 

Fortunately, the US has made great progress when it comes to promoting safer driving. For example, laws prohibiting texting while driving have been enacted in all states except for Montana and Missouri. 

Being a safe and conscientious driver is good not just for your driving record and for your karma, but also for your insurance rates. That’s because, put simply, safe drivers get better rates

And to help you stay focused and earn those better rates, there’s This App Saves Lives (“TASL”), a free mobile app that rewards drivers who abstain from phone-based distractions while driving. If you use the code MARBLEDDAM when you sign up this month, you’ll receive an extra 750 points from TASL. And you’ll just keep earning rewards with every distraction-free drive you take from there.  

TASL is especially great for the parents of teenagers. By registering for a subscription to TASL’s Parent Portal, parents of young drivers can connect their child’s TASL app account to a web-based dashboard where they can monitor their child’s driving behavior and also sponsor customized rewards (extra allowance, later curfew, concert tickets, anyone?!). You can sign-up for TASL’s Parent Portal with discount code “MARBLE40” for 40% off on any subscription plan.

Safety is our number one priority at Marble. That’s why we’re in the insurance biz, after all! With Marble, you can shop for new plans, get quotes, and keep your policies organized — all while earning rewards. Sign up today!