The first loyalty platform for insurance, ever.

Team Marble
October 8, 2020

Insurance is prehistoric. Really, it is. The first time someone tried to reduce some risk by transferring somewhere else, insurance came into existence. And for just as long, it has been anchored by one concept: the less risky the thing, the cheaper the insurance. 

So let’s fast forward (a lot). It’s 2020. The internet has put all the world’s data at our fingertips. Cars, homes, boats, and even pets are safer than ever. Why then have auto insurance premiums increased almost every year for the last two decades? Why is customer satisfaction with homeowner’s insurance actually starting to decline? Why are we building Marble at all? The simple, candid answer: insurance marketing and engagement is all busted up, and we are going to fix it. 

In late 2019, Marble’s founding team, Stuart and IA Capital, set out then to fix this broken insurance ecosystem by redirecting the focus back to its most neglected yet most valuable asset: loyal customers. 

Insurance carriers spend a huge amount each year — billions of dollars — acquiring new customers. By comparison, they spend next to nothing rewarding and engaging their existing customers. 
Marble is built to capture a portion of this massive marketing expense and funnel it back to our members.

We’re bringing the established and much loved concept of the loyalty membership program to insurance. In doing so, we’re fundamentally improving the way insurance companies spend on marketing and then passing the value saved back to our members.

After joining Marble, our members can organize, pay, and shop their home and auto insurance while earning up to 5% back on their insurance premium. It’s a win-win: Marble members save money while insurance carriers retain their loyal customers by engaging them with real value.

Carriers, agents, and brokers then use Marble’s data-driven engagement and retention platform to keep rewarding and delighting their customers, rather than burning billions on Google, Facebook, and TV ads. 

We know Marble will save our members money and improve their interactions with their insurance. For insurance companies though, Marble is an even greater opportunity - it is the biggest innovation for marketing and engagement since email.

One hub for all your insurance needs

For our members, Marble is the universal insurance account to manage, pay, save on, and shop for insurance. Some fan-favorite features include: 

Organize all your policy documents - Whether it’s home, renters, auto, pet, or all of the above, Marble allows you to sync your existing insurance details into one clean account. 

Earn up to 5% on your premium - Marble is the only platform that rewards you for doing what you’re already doing: managing your insurance every month. Marble members are gently prompted to take simple actions that save money and unlock customized offers.

Understand how your rates and coverage stacks up - When you use Marble to shop for insurance, you’ll be able to easily compare rates and coverage — saving you even more money.

Dodge the spam and communicate on your terms - As a Marble member, you control who has access to your information and whether they can contact you to discuss rates. That means you won’t get bombarded with spam calls and emails. 

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