Marble is now open to the public. Here's what it means for you.

The Marble Promise

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At Marble, we're committed to guiding you towards better insurance choices. While our editorial content adheres to strict standards, we do occasionally mention products from partner companies. Find out how we keep the lights on.

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Marble is now open to the public. Here's what it means for you.

Our position at Marble is clear: We believe it’s time for technology to offer insurance customers something better.

While banking, investment, and all sorts of personal finance products have charged ahead, offering delightful and value-rich technology products, today’s insurance customer is left wanting. Our own national survey data indicates that one in three Americans are still using a filing cabinet or paper folder to keep track of their insurance information.

In 2021, that’s a pretty sad state of affairs, and it gets even more bleak when you compare the results to the same question asked about banking, investment, or even household budgeting. Without giving too much away (we have more about our national research coming soon), the digital divide between fintech and insurtech is an absolutely massive one. Marble is building the tools and community to close it.

And now, starting today, you can join us, and the hundreds of members already enjoying Marble, as we take the next, intuitive step for insurance customers.

We’re thrilled to announce two major updates to our platform: we’ve launched our embedded, spam-free insurance shopping feature, and we’ve made it - and the entire Marble platform - open to all insurance policyholders in the US. That’s right: the waitlist is down (*crowd goes wild*) and the Marble member experience is now available to the 92% of Americans who have insurance (we’re assuming that applies to you, since you’ve read this far into a blog post about insurance).

So why sign up for the first digital wallet for insurance that nearly instantly brings all your account information into one beautiful and secure account?

Because you deserve the same modern, comprehensive organizational tools for your insurance that you’ve come to expect from your bank and favorite retail brands. In the time it takes you to type “policy.pdf” into your inbox, you could sync your home and auto insurance with Marble. You could probably also sneak in a referral and earn a couple of bucks!

And why shop for a policy from your personalized Marble dashboard, easily comparing multiple rates from dozens of carriers and skipping repetitive data entry and infuriating spam?

Because that’s the experience you deserve! You should spend your time doing anything besides navigating the spammy, frustrating world of data entry and insurance quotes. But that also doesn't mean you should sacrifice on a great selection of rates either. Too often insurance customers are promised online convenience, but not offered choice — or vice versa.

The Marble team, and our early members, aren’t agreeing to this trade anymore. Instead, we think the experience should feel like other modern online transactions: skip repetitive data entry, delete spam calls and texts, and still end up with a great selection of options, nearly instantly. Then move on. Throw a frisbee or something - it’s your life.

Why become a Marble member and start earning real rewards for being an insurance customer?

I mean, well, ok some of these questions are starting to sound a little loaded, but I’ll do my best. Because you deserve it! As we wrote nearly 6 months ago, “Insurance carriers spend a huge amount each year — billions of dollars — acquiring new customers...Marble is built to capture a portion of this massive marketing expense and funnel it to our members, all while creating a product and community that realize the true potential of insurtech.”

We fundamentally believe that the next great leap in the relationship between insurers and insurance customers is about more than just technology (though we have that covered too); it’s about rebalancing the massive marketing ecosystem and making it work for you, the customer. We don't think you should get value from your insurer just when you make a claim. You should expect the same value and rewards from insurance, just for being your responsible self and having insurance, that other industries have been delivering for decades.

Hopefully these are reasons enough to be excited about what we’ve launched and are continuing to build here at Marble. We would love to have you join our community, click here!