Is My Child Covered Under My Car Insurance?

As your teen hits driving age, you may wonder: is my child covered under my existing car insurance? We’ve got your answer!

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Is My Child Covered Under My Car Insurance?Is My Child Covered Under My Car Insurance?

Watch out world: there’s a new driver on the road, and it’s your teenage child! Here’s hoping they drive safely, confidently, and without issue. But despite their best efforts, we know that life (and roads) come with potholes, and problems can and will arise. But hey — that’s why there’s insurance! 

So the question you’ve got to ask yourself now is: How can I best protect my new driver? Are they covered under my existing car insurance, or will they need a separate policy?

Is My Child Protected Under My Car Insurance?

Not necessarily! Children are not automatically protected under a parent’s car insurance policy. If you want them covered by your policy, you’ll need to add them. And add them early! In fact, we recommend adding our child to your insurance before they start driver’s training — that way, they’ll be covered from the very first time they get behind the wheel. 

Keep in mind that while most car insurance does cover permissive use  — that is, when a relative who doesn’t live in your household uses your vehicle once in a blue moon  — this coverage does not apply to children or any other people who live in your home.

Why You Should Add Your Child to Your Policy

Of course, having your child insured complies with state laws and helps cover the costs of bodily injury and property damage should they be at fault in a car crash. But there are a few reasons why adding your child to your policy (instead of having them get their own policy) is the ultimate no-brainer. 

Lower Premium Costs

It can be very challenging for someone under age eighteen to get their own standalone auto insurance coverage. If your child is able to do that, it will likely be extremely expensive. 

That’s why it’s actually likely cheaper to have them added to your existing insurance policy, even if that drives your rates up. In fact, according to, your teenage driver’s car insurance rates could be slashed nearly in half by joining your policy.

Let’s also not forget that teens with a permit are often free to add to your policy (at least until they upgrade to an actual license). 

Additional Discounts

While you can expect your insurance premium to increase (and sometimes substantially) when you add a new young driver, the rate should drop every year if they maintain a clean record. 

Plus, you can reduce the cost of your coverage if your teen qualifies for insurance discounts, such as a good student discount. They may also earn a rate reduction by completing a driver education program or maintaining a safe driving record. Your premium could also go down if they go away to school and don’t have access to a car. 

Easier Policy Management

You’re already juggling enough things day-to-day without worrying about getting your child a totally new car insurance policy. By adding them to your policy, you and your child will have one less thing to manage. 

And of course, we have to give ourselves a shout-out here: with Marble, you can manage all of your policies in one spot, from auto to home to pet. 

How To Add Your Child to Your Policy

First things first, you need to connect with your provider and let them know your coverage needs have changed. Depending on your insurer, you may even be able to go through an online portal or mobile app. In any case, you’ll need to supply your child’s full name, social security number, and date of birth. 

You should also confirm your coverage details while you’re on the phone with your agent. Since newly licensed drivers are at high risk of getting into an accident, you may want to get full coverage on your vehicle, including collision coverage, if you don’t have it already.

As mentioned earlier, if your child just has a permit and is driving your vehicle, you likely won’t be charged an extra fee to add them to your policy. Once your child gets their license, they will need insurance and will become another named insured on your policy. They can remain on your insurance policy for as long as they are using your vehicle and living in your household.  

In the event that your child plans to purchase their own car, they’ll need their own policy. In this case, they can still contact your insurance agent and set up their own car insurance policy, or they can shop around to find a provider they prefer. 

Manage Your Car Insurance With Marble

Adding your son or daughter to your car insurance policy presents an excellent opportunity to assess what your policy covers and shop around for better, more affordable coverage. Marble can help you compare insurance options from multiple insurance providers, manage your policies, and handle renewals each year. Get started today!