How we help you compare insurers using the Marble Score

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How we help you compare insurers using the Marble Score

Let’s be real - insurance can be downright confusing. How do you know if you have the right coverage? Or if you’ve chosen the right carrier? We developed the Marble Score to provide you with unbiased information about the major insurance carriers, so you can more easily compare them to each other. 

These scores live within Insurance Insider, a tool that we developed for Marble members to easily run a side-by-side comparison between their current insurance provider and others on the market. If you aren’t a Marble member yet but are interested in seeing your insurance carrier’s Marble score, you can create an account today

So how did we come up with each carrier’s final score? Here’s a full breakdown of the factors and sources we used in our scoring: 

  1. Marble Member Experience - We incorporate all reviews left by Marble members and factor those into the overall Marble Score. Because Marble member reviews are double-verified (which is to say that the feedback in Insurance Insider is from real people who actually have insurance from the company they are reviewing), we put particular emphasis on that real, human experience with a carrier. 
  1. Customer Service and Price - For auto and property insurance, we looked at ValuePenguin’s rating of the best insurance companies, which ranks companies on a 5-star scale based on their customer service and pricing. For pet insurance, we used’s star ratings. For pricing, we also based the score on the cost of similar policies across different carriers, factoring in discounts offered and rate changes during renewals

  2. Claims Experience - We used J.D. Power’s Claims Satisfaction Study that ranks carriers on a 1,000 point scale based on customers’ satisfaction with the claims process, including factors such as filing a claim, time to process claims, status updates, and communication by the carrier. The results are pulled from the responses of over 11,000 customers who settled a claim in the six months preceding the survey. 
  1. Financial Health - Financial health measures a carrier's reputation and financial stability, and tends to go alongside their ability to pay out claims. Our score is based on AM Best's Financial Strength Rating.
  1. General Customer Satisfaction - To take into account overall customer satisfaction, we used J.D. Power Circle Ratings from its Auto Insurance Satisfaction Study. Companies with five circles are considered among the best, while companies with three circles are average. Companies are awarded circles based on customers’ ratings of the following factors: company interaction, policy offerings, price, billing process and policy information, and claims. 

Interested in checking your insurance carrier’s Marble Score? Just sign in to your account and head to Insurance Insider. If you’re new to Marble, sign up today and link your first policy.