Announcing: Marble Launches A Full In-App Pet Insurance Marketplace

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Announcing: Marble Launches A Full In-App Pet Insurance MarketplaceAnnouncing: Marble launches a full in-app pet insurance marketplace

In another win for Marble members, we’re pleased to announce the launch of Marble’s pet insurance marketplace, powered by our partners at Fletch.

Why Shop For Pet Insurance With Marble?

Our goal is to allow Marble members to shop for pet insurance and choose from a range of trusted carriers — and with the launch of Marble’s pet insurance marketplace, you can now do that. Thanks to our new partners at Fletch, you’ll be able to find the right policy to keep your pet protected, all from within the Marble app.

When you get a quote with our partners at Fletch, they’ll search across leading pet insurers so you can compare plans (and save!). You’ll also be able to customize your coverage: If you want to cover routine visits, you can add a wellness plan. If you only want to cover the worst case scenarios, you can adjust your deductible.

To take a look at your options, just log into your Marble account, head to the Marble Marketplace, filter for pet insurance, and click the link for Marble’s pet insurance. You can also go straight to the website here. In either case, you’ll need to answer a few simple questions (like what’s your zip code and your pet’s name, age, and breed), and hit submit. Next thing you know (badda bing badda boom!), you’ll see a range of options across price points — along with a note on what makes each plan stand out (like “High customer satisfaction rating” or “Best for older pets”).  

Once you’ve purchased a pet policy, just log back into your Marble account and upload your new pet policy to your wallet. That way, you’ll have all your insurance details easily accessible should you ever need them. 

One Reason Why You Should Pat Yourself On The Back For Getting Pet Insurance

Because just one emergency vet visit could lead to a hefty bill over $5,000! And unfortunately, most of us don’t just have an extra $5k lying around. That’s why pet insurance is a good investment for both your pet and your wallet. 

And as you start thinking about coverage, here are three major types of pet insurance you’ll want to consider:

  • Accident Only: While this is generally the least expensive option, it only covers injuries from accidents, which can include broken bones and sprains. When evaluating a more basic plan like this, you'll want to take a close look at the coverages and deductibles. There can be a lot of differences from carrier to carrier, and you'll want to make sure you have big emergency treatments covered (aka the really expensive ones).
  • Accident & Illness: This more comprehensive pet insurance option covers everything that “accident only” does, plus illnesses (including cancer, for instance). It also includes prescriptions, diagnostic tests, and lab fees.
  • Wellness Coverage: A wellness plan covers preventative care, vaccines, and checkups. However, it doesn't cover accidents or emergency treatments, which often are the most expensive vet bills.

Whatever you choose to get, know that you’re making an investment in the health and wellbeing of your furry friend — and there’s no better way to show them love! That, and a good scratch on the belly.

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