Know When To Fold ‘Em: Allstate Bids Farewell To Rewards

So, it's official: Allstate is shutting down its rewards program. Here's what it means for you.

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Know When To Fold ‘Em: Allstate Bids Farewell To RewardsAllstate Bids Farewell to Rewards

So, it's official: Allstate is packing up its rewards points, locking the doors, and turning off the lights. Brand loyalty shouldn’t be taken lightly, which is why this is such a bummer for everyone who has continued to give Allstate their business. As for why the rewards programming is shutting down, it’s not totally clear — but we did some digging to see what this decision means for you.

Journey to the End of the Rewards

Since 2010, Allstate has offered a pretty comprehensive rewards program, which customers could access by participating in Drivewise. But as of October 31, 2023, with frankly very little warning, the company announced it was ending the program. Unfortunately, Allstate has not offered much in the way of explanation or transparency around this decision besides this brief post

Further investigation suggests that the decision probably results from cost cutting measures — Allstate has reported several quarters worth losses — and the fact that, well, the program had never been super popular. Users described it as “completely useless” and “practically worthless.” You hate to see it! Media outlets have written about the issues with the program (we can thank local news for that scoop!).

I Have Points — What Do I Do?!

Allstate hasn’t left many clues about how it is winding down the program, but people have been told to contact their rewards vendor by emailing to check if they won a recent sweepstakes (within the last 60 days). Beyond that, if you have questions about your already-accumulated points, your best bet is to contact Allstate at 1-800-255-7828 and ask how you can cash out your rewards.

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