Redefining your relationship with insurance

At Marble, we believe you should be able to confidently protect the things you care about most, while earning the value you deserve.


Putting our members first

At Marble, we want to ensure that our members are in control of one of the most important financial instruments in their lives: their insurance. We built Marble to empower our members to become informed managers of their insurance. 

That may sound like we’re talking a big game, but in practice, it boils down to a few key commitments:

  • We will help you stay on top of your insurance by organizing all your policies in one singular digital wallet.
  • We will look out for your best interests by alerting you when your policies are close to expiration, and then providing you with the unbiased information you need to compare rates and find the right policy for you.
  • And we’ll make sure that you get rewarded for it. Working hand-in-hand with carriers, Marble has built the first rewards-based membership program in the world of insurance. Which means we get to put money back in your pocket.

"It should be simple to protect your stuff. Customers should be rewarded for loyalty. These feel like two pretty straightforward concepts, but when it comes to insurance, that’s far from true. We’re building Marble to change that for our members."

Stuart Winchester, Founder & CEO

"We’re very excited about Marble’s potential. They’re a team with deep experience, building a truly revolutionary platform."

Andy Lerner, IA Capital Group

A wealth of experience, working for you

Marble’s founding team and board of advisors have deep knowledge spanning insurance, loyalty, and technology. Marble is supported by a group of leading investors with decades (and decades) of insurance and technology experience. With their expert support, we’re building a unique platform that blends the innovation and speed of a startup with the knowledge and fortitude of an industry veteran.

Our board of advisors have deep experience in insurance and technology, filling executive roles as CIOs, CTOs, and CEOs. They’ve built startups and led massive insurance companies, and we’re now harnessing their knowledge to help you, our Marble members.

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