Rebuilding the relationship between you and your insurer

Why should you pay for insurance companies’ massive marketing budgets? At Marble, we don’t think it should work that way. That’s why we’re directing that money back to our members.


Putting money back in your pocket

Insurance companies spend billions on marketing to find new customers, and often those costs come back to you in the form of higher premiums. We’re changing that.

At Marble, we put our members at the center of the insurance process so they can effortlessly protect the things they care about, all while earning the value they deserve. We’re laser-focused on saving insurance customers money by building a rewards-based membership program. This same loyalty program serves as a more direct and effective marketing channel for insurance companies. 

It’s not often that you get to say this when talking about insurance, but with Marble, everybody truly does win.

"It should be simple to protect your stuff and customers should be rewarded for loyalty. These feel like pretty straightforward concepts, but when it comes to insurance, they’re anything but. We’re building Marble to change that for our members."

Stuart Winchester, Founder & CEO

"We’re very excited about Marble’s potential. They’re a team with deep experience, building a truly revolutionary platform."

Andy Lerner, IA Capital Group

A wealth of experience, working for you

Marble’s founding team and board of advisors have deep knowledge spanning insurance, loyalty, and technology. Marble is supported by IA Capital Group, a firm that has founded or led investments in five fintech and insurance companies that have completed IPOs. With their expert support, we’re building a unique platform that blends the innovation and speed of a startup with the knowledge and fortitude of a long-standing institution.

Our board of advisors have decades of experience in insurance and technology, filling executive roles as CIOs, CTOs, and CEOs. They’ve built startups and led massive insurance companies, and they’re now harnessing their knowledge to help you, our Marble members.

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